Not getting a part

Life as an actor can be tough. Although I have a full CV of worthy credits, going for an audition and not getting the part can be a hard pill to swallow. To commit to landing the job you have to give 100% and so when you give of yourself that much and then don’t get it, it can really hurt. It’s hard not to take it personally even though I know what it is like to be on the other side of the casting table! (I cast a sitcom I co-wrote and produced commissioned by ScreenWM), so I feel that I am aware of why an actor wouldn’t get a role, down to things like what they look like or maybe they just couldn’t get the specific  delivery of a line. But it is important to remember that those things DID NOT reflect on how good an actor they were.

I have met so many talented actors, musicians and artists – people whom I thought it was a crime for them not to be well known to the masses. I have also worked with actors and thought that they weren’t particularly good only to see them do a completely different role and then think they were absolutely amazing. Not everyone is suited to every role.

Today I found out who got the role I auditioned for a few weeks a go and I must say it helped me feel better. It helped me to understand. Usually we never get feedback or find out why we didn’t get the role but today I was able to see for myself that the particular actress looked a lot different to me. She was slimmer, edgier, savvier but also hit the comedy within the script really well.

I did everything I could to land that role. I learned the different pages of scripts I was sent. I learnt them inside out, back to front. (I think it is fair for me to say, that I was the only actor there that had learnt the script). I had my partner test me on them regularly. I got him to teach me how to consistently catch a rugby ball (the role required this), I watched the film, I read the play, I went to the gym (the role was a fitness instructor), I turned up 15 minutes early. I gave everything I got in the 3 hours I was there. Listened to the other character speaking, trying to land each line with the meaning it needed. Perhaps I was trying so hard that I didn’t hit the comedy and being as it is a comedy that was pretty essential!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, you can give 100% and still not get it because for whatever reason you are just not right. The most important thing is how quickly you can pick yourself up afterwards. Because you don’t want that lull or negatively to make you blinkered to finding the next role that is right.

See, all is not lost…I’m still smiling!


4 thoughts on “Not getting a part

  1. Thanks for this insight. I shall regard actors with a different eye after reading this Claire. One tends to think acting is all about learning lines and delivering. Your dedication is sure to bring along that special part soon.


  2. Interesting to hear a fellow actor’s take on this, because it is a big part of being a performer. I think positivity and preparation helps the process and with getting over the rejection. Anyway, thanks for sharing !


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