Teaching confidence building

Over the years, I have worked with a number of companies leading sessions in acting and performance skills including public speaking. I try and use different focuses within sessions: something to go into more depth with to help shape the performer’s understanding of how to bring the text to life. When I started doing this work, I never would have believed how it would affect me as an actor.

A lot of what I do within this work is confidence building, whilst also exploring positive mindset and using positive praise as a tool, which has been extremely rewarding. To see a student grow and change through this process is inspiring. So much so that I feel compelled to write about it.

FOCUS No. 1 – If you want to see a dramatic change within someone – shower them with positive praise. (I have a PGCE, NQT qualification and I can confirm that a lot of teachers will use this technique in the classroom especially in primary education.) Find something that you can praise, no matter how small. The student’s confidence will quickly increase along with their feelings of happiness and general wellbeing making them feel relaxed resulting in them achieving a better result. I promise you. It works. Every. Time.

TOP TIP – remember to praise yourself! No matter how small a task!

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