‘You Can’t Take It With You When You Die’ Audience Feedback!

Absolutely bowled away by what you had to say about the micro preview of my show at Solihull Library.

Here are a few of your quotes!

‘Beautiful voice. A joyful and charming reflection on family stories and the legacy of the strong women who tell those stories. A wonderful example of how passing on lessons and philosophies through talk enriches our lives.’ – Kate Starr

‘Loved the journey you took us on and particularly liked the visuals backing up everything you did in the background. Particularly liked the poetry and songs!’

‘Very poignant for me to watch, as my mum is a hoarder and it’s affected my families life a lot (and mine) – I, and her, find it very difficult to throw things away. It’s a difficult thing to break out of. Perhaps your show would be a therapy or tonic for those who struggle to let things go.’ – Amber G

‘Thank you for a lovely performance! I would love to hear more stories. We really enjoyed the music.’ – Natalie R.

‘Loved it Claire. Very moving and funny and captured that feeling we have when remembering family members. Really good to follow on local stories. (Like we discussed in Made In Midlands) and this will be a great piece for local history lovers too. Well worth the journey! – Paula Wharton, actor & writer.

‘Such a beautiful performance. We would love to see the whole performance. It was lovely to listen to the stories and take a journey back in time in the ‘paradise’ Solihull.’ – Donna Ward and Kelly Haverley

‘Fantastic work – people will love this.’ – Matt Nunn – local writer and lecturer.

‘Loved it and especially the interactive informality. Really engaging’ – Liz John – local writer.

‘I really liked it and the last one was the best one!’ – Maggie May aged 7.

‘Very good and so true to make memories not collect treasures. Good luck on your journey.’ – Shelan Poyer

‘Really enjoyed it! It was very meaningful – you’re very talented. You might have noticed the mandalas on the wall opposite – I did them.’

It was very positive and thought provoking.’ – Sarah Fowler

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