‘Get Happy’ Audience feedback!

Absolutely thrilled with the response for our pilot sitcom! Here is some of the feedback we have received…
‘It’s bloody lovely. Really funny and great characters.Ruth E. Cockburn – Standup comic, writer and performance artist.

‘It’s hilarious and properly feels Midlands based. It really comes across. What I love most about the character of Alice is that she speaks straight up brummie, that’s how my mom speaks. I love the fact that she is black with a strong Midlands accent because we were born here not Jamaica. Gosh I love both of your characters. Clearly, I love it. I can see it being a big hit’. Tonia Daley- Campbell – Actor, director and producer.

‘It is such an accomplished piece. I think it is really original. It is so easy with comedy to compare and say it has shades of Chewing Gum x Motherland but in my opinion it is really authentic and I’ve not seen real women, like my sister, like the mates I still go on my annual piss up with   – done well before (where they are not a bit middle class London or full on ghetto.)Love the fact it’s Birmingham and Nottingham as the East and West Midlands thing is funny.The stage directions are as funny as the script which shows the comedy bones. Every character makes sense and is different.’ Andy Chaplin – Actor and writer

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