Singing with Emma Winscom

In October I was interviewed by the lovely Emma Winscom. Emma is a professional singer, composer, singing teacher and vocal coach, based in the UK (London and south-west Midlands. In the last 33 years, she has coached over 3000 professional and amateur singers, enabling them to achieve the highest levels of performance and success – in international and local concerts, in the West End and on tour.

I have known Emma for over 20 years right back when I first started singing. Emma is so humble and such a caring teacher and certainly helped nourish my love of singing.

For more information about her lessons and a whole host of other facilities she offers please visit her website and for my interview where we discuss all things singing and comedy – please click on the link

Second Chance

In May 2021, I worked with Second Chance Productions to produce their short film Bloom. During the process I was interviewed by their lovely producer Likoji Mihova about how I got into acting and mental health. To watch the full interview, please visit

Meeting Venus

2020 – I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for Meeting Venus to talk about my career and how I got into acting.

Please Check out My Article in 5 Languages – Visit