Paula and I met at drama school. We connected with a mutual obsession with comedy and animals! Every spare moment we wrote, filmed and talked about sketches. And it was always a challenege for me to make Paula laugh until she wet herself. We were so devoted to comedy we thought we might as well be married to it and called ourselves Brides of Comedy. Even though in lots of ways we were polar opposites, she was like a sister to me. Utterly heart breaking and still shocks me to say it but Paula passed away in 2019. This is a small reminder of how hard she worked and how desperately she is missed.

Thank you

A huge huge thank you to these theatre critics.

Words can harm and words can literallly help build a person up.

I will never forget how these reviews made me feel.

Keeping them safe here.

It is a reminder of how hard I have worked and for how long…