I write about what I have experienced in the past and what I think people can relate to. I want to connect with people. I want to entertain them and make them feel happy and not alone but above all else – I want to make them laugh!


GET HAPPY – the sitcom

Episode 1 – ‘S**t happens and then you die’ by Claire Jones and Donnaleigh Bailey.

‘Brummie mummies on the wrong side of 30, old school mates who should know better, attempt to ‘Get Happy’.

The series is set in the multicultural city of Birmingham UK with flashbacks in series one of the 90’s.

Within two multicultural diverse families we explore the expectations of modern day motherhood and break existing stereotypes surrounding both genders.

With visual styles of “Inbetweeners’ and fantasy elements similar to ‘Ally McBeal’.

We have received some amazing feedback so far and are now looking to get the right production company onboard. The show has a strong Birmingham voice and we wish to cast local actors. 
 Here is some of the feedback we have received...
 'It's bloody lovely. Really funny and great characters.' Ruth E. Cockburn - Standup comic, writer and performance artist.

 'It's hilarious and properly feels Midlands based. It really comes across. What I love most about the character of Alice is that she speaks straight up brummie, that's how my mom speaks. I love the fact that she is black with a strong Midlands accent because we were born here not Jamaica. Gosh I love both of your characters. Clearly, I love it. I can see it being a big hit'. Tonia Daley- Campbell - Actor, director and producer.

 'It is such an accomplished piece. I think it is really original. It is so easy with comedy to compare and say it has shades of Chewing Gum x Motherland but in my opinion it is really authentic and I've not seen real women, like my sister, like the mates I still go on my annual piss up with   - done well before (where they are not a bit middle class London or full on ghetto.)Love the fact it's Birmingham and Nottingham as the East and West Midlands thing is funny.The stage directions are as funny as the script which shows the comedy bones. Every character makes sense and is different.' Andy Chaplin - Actor and writer 



After touring with Paddy McGuinness on his Saturday Night Live Arena Tour, we then went on to write and produce our Edinburgh show – Hangover Over From Hell. We previewed the show in Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent and Birmingham. The show parodied ‘Hangover’ and was based around us losing and then trying to find our new agent on a drunken night out in Edinburgh.


As Brides of Comedy, we embarked on a comedy course which resulted in performing at the Frog and Bucket. We then went on to adapt different well-known songs and shared tongue-in-cheek diary entries.


In association with LOW FAT THEATRE, I co-wrote ‘THE HANNAH AND PETER SHOW’ which was based on two delusional American chat show hosts who decide to visit the UK with the notion of making English people happy again…and more American. We also produced an accompanying podcast which was in the style of a call-in show where regular characters would drop in each week to discuss how to keep America great.


After finishing university, Paula Williamson and I decided to join forces and became Brides of Comedy. We figured that we were that devoted to comedy we might as well be married to it! We went on to perform our own sketches at different events around the UK.


In association with LOW FAT RADIO, I co-wrote ‘Those Erroneous Fools’ with Hywel Evans. I also voiced the characters of clueless student Richard, the zen like PE teacher and the ruthless headmistress Mrs Hocking.


In 2002, whilst studying at Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre and out of a love of comedy, I joined forces with Paula Williamson and Ross Grant and we formed Yappo Productions. In 2005, we then wrote and produced an hour long comedy sketch show called Happy Hour which showcased a variety of comedy characters in a sketch show format.


My love for writing musical comedy started at college. I was extremely lucky to attend somewhere where I was surrounded by very talented people from all walks of life. These people have now become my family. Literally! My closest friend has become my sister-in-law and another has become my writing partner! Donnaleigh Bailey is also an actress and worked extensively in television as Michelle in Doctors. Together with our ‘sisters from other misters’ we adapted well-known songs to create a show about the ruthlessness of showbiz and received full marks as part of our A-level. It’s strange, looking back it seemed like there was no effort involved. We were just having a laugh and loved doing it.