I have been writing poetry since 2003 and have performed my poems at a variety of events. At first, this was not out of a want to do it! I used to read my poetry out to my house mate at the time (the lovely Leah Webb) and she encouraged me to perform them. I was also basically told to do it by my creative-power-house of a friend Sonya Moorhead. For my first gig, I stood in for someone else who couldn’t make it at one of Sonya’s events.

Attending a creative writing course back in 2017 encouraged me to write new work to add to my repertoire.

The front cover was designed by Will Lenton- creative in MR WILSON’S SECOND LINERS and the blurb on the back of my book was written by SONYA MOORHEAD of CANOPY productions.  I’m exceptionally proud of it.